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Pixel Arc Studios release Bushiden Kickstarter campaign trailer

Published: 17:48, 29 September 2018
Pixel Arc Studios
Promotional image for Bushiden, an upcoming Metroidvania type of game

Pixel Arc Studios have released a trailer showcasing gameplay for Bushiden, which is a Metroidvania type of plaformer featuring a ninja with a robotic arm, fighting cybergenetic armies led by a demonic person named Gaoh. Need we say more?

Bushiden's trailer above bears the name of Kickstarter trailer, where the developers have set a modest sum that needs to be reached - $70.000 / €60.233 / £53.722 in order to complete the development. 

The game is set to be released on PC via Steam and on PlayStation 4 with no immediate plans to release it on Switch or Xbox One. Considering how promising the game looks, it could very well find its way to other platforms in the future, but then again, many games looked promising on Kickstarter only to never proverbially materialize.

With that in mind, the game is likely not going to be released before later parts of 2020, as some of the backer options lists access to beta and private Discord, with the former being set for early 2020. 

As far as the shown gameplay goes, it is filled to the brim with high octane action where the player showcases many different attack combos, moves and even something that looks like an ultimate ability, dubbed Chi Spell Attack - Fire. You can preview several of these moves on the game's .

The trailer itself shows a fair bit of platforming, while the aforementioned Kickstarter page offers a glimpse at the in-game shop that will help players progress and evolve their character. The shop will contain regular items such as Health Refills / potions and health upgrades as well as new abiltiies via Summons Tech, Shuriken Tech and Chi Spell Attacks.

Pixel Arc Studios Picture of the cyborg ninja that is about to kill a cybergenetic warrior Bushiden

Considering that about 26 per cent of the funding has been reached just three days after the trailer was released, it is safe to say the funding plans are looking promising. Fans and developers might be able to start thinking about stretch goals already.

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