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Pinball FX3 announced

Published: 09:55, 29 June 2017
Zen Studios
Pinball FX3

Zen Studios have announced that a new game in the Pinball FX series is coming this year. Pinball FX3 will launch with three brand-new tables from a new, as of yet unknown, IP partner.

Pinball FX series is getting a brand new member this year. Zen Studios have announced Pinball FX3 describing it as "the next generation pinball platform that will redefine the console and PC digital pinball experience".

Pinball FX3 has been redesigned to "bring the community together like never before" and it will all fit around multiplayer match-ups and competitive tournament play.

All you newcomers will be given a chance to hone your pinball skills in the new single-player modes that feature special challenges designed to prepare you for the multiplayer. 

Zen Studios Pinball FX3 Pinball FX3

The press release also noted that the players will be "able to bring a majority of their previous Pinball FX2 and Zen Pinball 2 purchases with them to Pinball FX3 on Xbox One, Steam and PlayStation 4 at no extra charge."

Vice President of Publishing at Zen Studios, Mel Kirk had this to say: "Zen Studios has enjoyed a deep conversational relationship with the pinball community for over a decade. We have learned from each other, worked together, and developed a better game together".

He added that "Pinball FX3 is a milestone step forward for players on console and PC, and I am excited that many of our new features are suggestions from the community. We remain 100% committed to providing our players with an exceptional value, allowing them to bring their collection forward with them as we can all enjoy a host of new features and upgrades together from day one".

Zen Studios Pinball FX3 Pinball FX3

A new addition for the upcoming title will be a tournament structure, meaning that the "players will have the ability to create their own pinball tournaments, compete in player vs. player match-ups and leagues, and compete in a variety of score based objectives that refresh constantly so there is always a new challenge awaiting".

Pinball FX3 will launch with three brand-new tables from a new IP partner. The details will be announced at a later date.

will launch this summer on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Windows 10, and Steam.

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