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No Man's Sky gets pirates and combat overhaul with Outlaws update

Published: 15:10, 13 April 2022
Hello Games
No Man's Sky - Outlaws
No Man's Sky - Outlaws

Hello Games released an update for No Man's Sky somewhat abruptly but despite the lack of fanfare, it is a significant one.

No Man's Sky has been enriched with space pirates as the Outlaws update introduced the less-than-legal side of the coin to the existing in-game universe. Players can now come across pirate space stations across the galaxy, typically found in outlaw systems, which are dangerous and lawless places.

With that in mind, players who are keen on raiding starships will feel at home while new missions will lead players towards pockets of the rebellion where they can find more missions, black market tech and illegal goods.

Speaking of illegal goods, acquiring them will let players engage in smuggling as they attempt to get the contraband to its destination, which will yield significant profits. That said, there are dangers along the way and players will likely have to fight The Sentinels before offloading the cargo.

On that note, space combat has also been overhauled in order to accentuate speed and high-octane fights. Handling is generally improved, weapons have new effects and starships now have shields. Weapons can no have a variety of secondary effects like slowing enemy engines or dropping their shields.

Furthermore, dogfights can happen in a planet's atmosphere now and pirates can raid player settlements, which will inevitably lead to more conflict than what you might be used to.

Outlaws update is out now and available to all players.

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