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Stardew Valley Update 1.5.6 for the holidays

Published: 22:17, 22 December 2021
Stardew Valley - snow
Stardew Valley - snow

Stardew Valley got its 1.5.6 update earlier this week and today brought a round of hotfixes to the game. 

ConcernedApe just rolled out a fresh update for Stardew Valley one day ago and we just got a new batch of hotfixes. Update 1.5.6 is out as we speak and features a couple of bug fixes, a quality of life improvement for people who use more than one monitor as well as managing some long-standing gameplay inconsistencies (indoor grass wilting during winter).

People who play Stardew Valley using more than one monitor can now rest easy knowing that the game will now remember and restore the last used monitor. Those starting a new game should find that they are now able to apply various farm types' wallpapers and floorings.

Stardew Valley Stardew Valley Stardew Valley

Stardew update 1.5.6 patch notes:

  •  On multi-monitor setups, the game now remembers and restores on the last used monitor.
  • Potential fix for a random crash that could occur at the end of the night.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the various farm types' wallpapers and floorings from applying when starting a new game.
  • Fixed a bug where pressing ESC to dismiss the level up screen would dismiss the menu without applying the level up, causing it to reappear every night.
  • Hoed dirt no longer decays under forage items on the farm. This ensures that dirt under freshly grown seasonal forage seeds can no longer disappear randomly.
  • Grass placed indoors no longer dies when seasons change to Winter.
  • Fixed being unable to harvest Tea Saplings placed on Garden Pots on Ginger Island.
  • Fixed an issue where the Z key would be unbindable after resetting controls to the default.
  • Fixed map screenshots not functioning on Linux.
  • Updated Steamworks.NET to 20.0.0.

Today's hotfix is now live in the game and corrects some small issues:

  • Fixed a crash when starting the game in Compatibility mode on macOS.
  • Fixed being unable to move the game window from one desktop to another in certain monitor configurations.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented selecting a profession using a gamepad. You should be able to re-select any missed professions the next day.
  • Fixed garden pots automatically harvesting when moused over.
  • Fixed Emily's patio decorations being one tile above where they should be.
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