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Phoenix Point has been delayed until December 2019

Published: 08:28, 30 July 2019
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Phoenix Point

X-COM spiritual successor Phoenix Point has been delayed once again, this time to December 2019. The game was previously scheduled to launch in September, but in order to avoid crunch and to meet the high standard, the devs need more time.

If you're one of those players who are excited about Phoenix Point, a turn-based tactical game by original X-Com creator Julian Gollop, you'll be disappointed to hear that the developers Snapshot Games won't be able to meet the September 2019 release date.

In the latest post on Snapshot Games forum, the Phoenix Point dev team wrote a lengthy message in which they announced that the game has been delayed, once again. The new release date is set for December 2019.

One of the reasons for the delay is due to Snapshot's commitment to keep crunch to a minimum, which is something the studio take very seriously. "Therefore, because we know we have more work than we have time, we will be delaying the release of the game," the devs wrote in a forum post.

Furthermore, Snapshot collectively agree that they would rather miss a launch date than ship something that does not meet their high standards.

They also said that the development team is still working very hard, just like they did from day one in order to exceed players expectations with Phoenix Point. "Our number-one goal throughout development has been to make a game that we will enjoy and remember for a long time to come," they wrote.

While this is a significant delay, Snapshot Games say they will release Backer Build 5 on the original launch date, which means backers and early-access buyers will be able to play a much more robust version of Phoenix Point in just over a month.

Press Kit Phoenix Point
Phoenix Point

If you're unfamiliar with Phoenix Point, the game is described as a spiritual successor to X-COM, featuring alien mutations and evolution as they try and adapt to players' playstyle and tactics.

Phoenix Point is scheduled to arrive to Xbox One and PC via Epic Games Store and Xbox Game Pass. 

Turn-based tactics strategy Phoenix Point, by Snapshot Games

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