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Phoenix Point developer AMA goes sour after Epic exclusivity deal

Published: 08:57, 15 March 2019
Snapshot Games
Big explosions are happening as Phoenix Point operatives fight a giant spider monster
Phoenix Point

David Kaye and Julian Gollop, the founders of Snapshot Games, held an AMA after the announcement that Phoenix Point would be a timed exclusive for Epic Games Store. The backlash turned out to be too strong for any constructive discussion.

Jullian Gollop recently announced that Phoenix Point would be a timed exclusive on Epic Games Store for one year after release, infuriating many fans along the way. He, along with David Kaye hosted an AMA on the game's subreddit in order to attempt to clear some things up but the embittered fans were not having any of it.

It turned out to be one of those rare developer AMA threads with the score of zero as only 48 per cent Reddit users upvoted the post, showing their disappointment in the process. Gollop and Kaye's attempts to answer questions didn't fare much better as they also got downvoted enough for Reddit to automatically hide the responses, causing Snapshot Games to eventually stop the until further notice.

The hot water Snapshot Games found themselves in after the decision to go exclusive started to boil once Gollop one of the questions by confirming it was them who approached Epic about a deal and not the other way around.

Another worthy bit of information is that Snapshot Games reported about , although it was not clarified if that was the total number at that point or just through one payment method. It is also known that Fig can refund the backers' money without going through Snapshot Games, no questions asked.

Backers who don't refund their money will get the previously promised DLC packs at no extra charge and a Steam or GOG key once the exclusivity period is over, to Kaye.

Snapshot Games Screenshot from Phoenix Point of a soldier aiming at a monster Phoenix Point

Fig investors should refrain from refunding the game for any reason as they will apparently get the maximum return possible. However, the same that answered that question also raised the question whether the community will be able to trust Snapshot Games in the future as Gollop confirmed they had enough funds to release the game without going exclusive.


Turn-based tactics strategy Phoenix Point, by Snapshot Games

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Phoenix Point

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