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Phoenix Point devs apologise for no Microsoft Game Pass ETA

Published: 01:03, 07 December 2019
Snapshot Games
Screenshot from Phoenix Point displaying a terrifying spider-human hybrid creature.
Phoenix Point - How fast can they run on two legs?

Epic Games Store snatched Phoenix Point as one of its timed exclusives but this game was supposed to arrive on Microsoft Game Pass as well. This did not occur just yet and Snapshot Games addressed this in an open letter where they admitted to dropping the ball.

Phoenix Point developers, Snapshot Games, addressed the fans in an open letter recently. The reason is that there are fans who are not exactly fans of Epic Games and their exclusivity policy and this group is waiting for release on other platforms. Considering Steam is not getting Phoenix Point for at least a year, Microsoft Store and Game Pass were the first destinations these players could experience the game.

Snapshot initially expected to have Microsoft Store and Game Pass versions of the game up and running by 6 December 2019, when the was posted, but that did not occur as they "dropped the ball". The cited reason is the studio's inexperience dealing with Microsoft's platforms as they are now awaiting certification and legal documentation reviews.

While these issues are almost behind the studio, they have caused delays in other areas. As a result, Snapshot Games don't have a release date or even an estimated time of arrival for Phoenix Point on either the store or the Game Pass. The studio stated that they wouldn't be able to offer the same experience on Microsoft's platforms that they did on others.

Considering there are still some issues the early adopters are dealing with, it might turn out for the better for those who are waiting for Phoenix Point on platforms other than that of Epic Games.

Turn-based tactics strategy Phoenix Point, by Snapshot Games

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A man with an axe running through a forest in SCUM
Phoenix Point

Players are currently citing bugs with line of sight and a few performance issues as the main detractors from the experience but given Snapshot's passion, it's not hard to imagine these getting ironed out in not-so-distant future.

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