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Phoenix Point's havens have a more crucial role than XCOM's base

Published: 18:48, 26 July 2018
Snapshot Games
Picture of a residential area in a haven for Snapshot Games' upcoming Phoenix Point
Phoenix Point

According to Snapshot Games, havens in Phoenix Point will represent much more than just an ant farm-styled base like the bases in XCOM Enemy Unknown and XCOM 2 did. They will be civilian hubs, possible war zones and resource opportunities.

Snapshot Games have updated their dev blog along with launching a new backer build, shelling out more details on havens that will be featured in the game. These havens will represent the strongholds and safe spots for the three major factions - New Jericho, Synedrion and The Disciples of Anu. A lesser known fact is that there are more havens scattered across the world, humankind is not just limited to these three factions.

There will be independent havens but it is unknown at the moment whether Project Phoenix, which is the player's controlled faction, will be able to interact with them in the same ways they can with the major factions. Speaking of which, as previously noted, players will be able to establish diplomatic relations with other factions, steal stuff from their havens or outright go to war with them.

It appears that as players go through different havens, they will come across several districts - Industrial Zone, Residential, Food Production, Military and other unmentioned parts of these dystopian cities. Each district will have buildings that fit the tone and each faction will have havens with buildings that resemble their style and colours.

As players will be able to invade these havens, as well as their own havens being at risk of attack, they will be able to fight through these buildings. Each room will have furniture that can serve as makeshift cover, and buildings will naturally be more claustrophobic as the tight hallways can prove to be disastrous for larger unit concentration.

Snapshot Games Picture of a building in Phoenix Point with a soldier for scale Phoenix Point - Building size, soldier for scale. 9gaggers will be disappointed

For that reason, players might need to choose carefully when they employ their explosives, as these can be used to modulate the playing field to their needs. Want to flank the enemy? Blow a hole in the wall. More pictures of different buildings, as well as concept art for alien structures can be found on the official .

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