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Snapshot's turn-based strategy Phoenix Point has a new trailer

Published: 11:26, 02 November 2018
Phoenix Point has RNG but uses it rather creatively
Phoenix Point has RNG but uses it rather creatively
Phoenix Point

Phoenix Point is an early access title from Snapshot Games, a studio founded by Julian Gollop, the creator of the beloved X-Com series. The trailer features pretty ghastly mutating monsters, boss battles and some strategic play as well.

Snapshot Games have revealed a new trailer for their early access, turn-based tactics game Phoenix Point, which is a new project by the creator of X-Com and Chaos Reborn titles Julian Gollop. Snapshot Games' founder aims to create a spiritual successor to X-Com and that's just one of the reasons why Phoenix Point's design and look feel similar to X-Com's.

The trailer highlights some of the game's features like monster mutation, which will see aliens adapt to players' tactics and their style of play. They'll change their behaviour and strategy so as to make your life harder, as well as develop new weapons and stronger armour as the storyline progress. 

Another feature seen in the trailer is the targeting of  weak spots or body parts which can be blown off or disabled, a system similar to Fallout's V.A.T.S. We're not sure if the aliens will adapt to weak spot targeting with stronger armour on the legs or other important body parts but it would open more tactical and strategic variety and depth.

Press Kit Phoenix Point
Phoenix Point

Gallop confirmed that the inspiration for Phoenix Point's open world and strategic level is found in his original X-Com and UFO: Enemy Unknown creations combined with the modern presentation of Firaxis reboot X-com: Enemy Unknown.

Announced way back in 2015, Phoenix Point has been a subject of successful crowdfunding campaign in which 10.314 contributors raised £588 thousand and some change. After such a positive response and backing, Snapshot Games revealed their team expansion plans in 2017, with the release date being planned for last quarter of 2018. Back in May, however, the release was pushed to mid-2019 to give the team more time for proper content and features integration.

The game is scheduled for PC and Xbox One release after Microsoft provided the necessary resources for developing the Xbox One version. As things stand, there are no plans to release the game on PlayStation 4.

Turn-based tactics strategy Phoenix Point, by Snapshot Games

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A man with an axe running through a forest in SCUM
Phoenix Point

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