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First look at Phoenix Point vehicles and the Technician class

Published: 14:09, 27 June 2018
Snapshot Games
Screenshot of the Armadillo, a New Jericho vehicle in Phoenix Point
Phoenix Point - Armadillo

Snapshot Games have announced Phoenix Point Backer Build Two that will be released on 03 July 2018. While some people will spend the next day with fireworks and beer, some might stay and run crab people over with Armadillo vehicles.

Armadillo will apparently be Phoenix Point's equivalent of the Land Raider from Warhammer 40K universe, as it will be both extremely lethal to enemy units and act as a transport for friendly ones. The vehicle won't be able to operate on its own though, so players will have to use an infantry unit in order to operate it.

Phoenix Point's official post shows that Armadillo will be faction specific. It belongs to the New Jericho faction but it is not clarified whether or what kind of vehicles the other two factions will get. Armadillo has a mounted gun that didn't appear to do much damage from what we've seen on the GIF but it is likely to be an upgradeable feature, in order to avoid being obsolete.

The gun is not the only way Armadillo can wreck enemy forces though. There's also the ram attack, where it winds up and runs over anything in the selected path, although players are warned to exercise caution when using this ability. Should the vehicle get damaged, it can be repaired by the Technician, which is a new infantry unit coming with the new backer build.

This class will use assault rifles, meaning it will be capable of return fire, as well as grenades and its signature Mech Arms. These arms can be used for "brutal melee range attacks" or for other utilities, such as the aforementioned vehicle repair or healing the fleshy allies, as well as restoring their crippled body parts.

Snapshot Games Screenshot from Phoenix Point of a soldier aiming at a monster Phoenix Point

Technician can also deploy static turrets that are described as agile weapons that also have return fire. Interestingly enough, the turret will be able to drop its weapon so other units can pick it up and use it. Snapshot Games didn't clarify whether this weapon will be more powerful than the soldiers' standard weapons or whether it has armour shredding or other interesting properties.

You can check the official announcement of the new backer build as well as the new units in action on the official .

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