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The numbers behind Phoenix Point Epic Store exclusivity revealed

Published: 15:05, 22 April 2019
Updated: 15:39, 22 April 2019
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Phoenix Point

Fig recently revealed that Phoenix Point investors would be receiving their dividends in May 2019, with a whopping 191 per cent return. This inadvertently revealed that Epic Games paid Snapshot Games over $2 million for timed exclusivity.

Snapshot Games received around $2.25 million for the Phoenix Point exclusivity deal to be a little more precise. This number was uncovered through diligent digging into Fig distribution rules as well as the history of Phoenix Point already earning money for Snapshot Games.

For reference - Fig is a crowdfunding platform that works almost the same way as Kickstarter. The key difference is that people can choose to become investors in order to get a return on their money in the future, instead of just getting a copy of the game in question. Snapshot Games received almost $500,000 in investor funding for Phoenix Point on Fig.

In order to know that Phoenix Point didn't make any money from Snapshot's deal with Microsoft yet, Remachinate at ResetEra the fact that Phoenix Point didn't generate any revenue since September 2018 which was the end of a fiscal year, meaning Microsoft didn't pay the developers yet.

This isolated Epic Games as the only company that caused Phoenix Point's revenue since that time. One important number to remember is that Fig pays dividends as 85 per cent of the revenue they receive from Phoenix Point.

Investors were the source of close to $500,000 in Phoenix Point's Fig project, meaning that the game had to generate $588,935 for Fig, which would then translate to investors recouping their investment.

As it turns out, they got 191 per cent back, which will be paid out in May 2019. Translated into the actual amount of money investors would collectively get, it would mean that:

  • $955,000 is the sum total that will be paid out to investors collectively
  • The number above is 85 per cent of what Fig received from Phoenix Point. Converting it to 100 per cent means Fig received $1,123,529

Since the split between Fig and Snapshot Games is 50/50, it would mean Phoenix Point earned double of that money, totalling at $2,247,058. As no other sources provided revenue, it means this is how much Epic Games paid Snapshot for the timed exclusivity.

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Phoenix Point

Keep in mind that even though the numbers look exact, they are actually an approximation. Remachinate rounded the investors' money up to the $500,000 cap instead of the actual $495,100 in order to simplify the calculation and there could be other factors that could influence the numbers, although the deviation should be minimal.

It is safe to assume that the exclusivity deal stood at about $2.25 million.

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