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Konami will retain almost all team partnerships for PES 2019

Published: 09:24, 09 August 2018
Poster showing Barcelona FC players in Konami's PES 2019
PES 2019, Barcelona

Well, it may not be a great time to be a Gunner, what with all the changes around the club, but if you happen to be waiting for Pro Evolution Soccer 2019, you should know they're coming back as partners along with most of the PES 2018 gang.

This means that Barcelona, Liverpool, AC Milan, Inter and Arsenal will all be be reprising their roles from PES 2018. Interestingly, Borussia Dortmund have terminated their contract with Konami and PES 2018 recently. It was intended to last until 2020 but something obviously went awry, prompting the club to end it on 01 June 2018.

Konami have quickly found a replacement in Schalke 04 but the list of team partnerships and licensed clubs has steadily grown even without the German team. Other than the aforementioned teams, PES 2019 will have fully licensed teams Red Bull Brasil, Alianza Lima and Sporting Cristal while partnerships are too long to list.

As you probably already know, partnership is basically Konami's way of getting closer to a club in order to accurately mimic their kits and stadiums. Indeed, when it comes to football games, accuracy in these things can make or break a game.

Even tough Konami haven't always been masters of accurate mimicry, those days are long gone now. Yeah, I'm talking about the days of Von Mistelrou and Griggs, as endearing as they may seem now. At least the company never skimped on actual football-resembling game features, which cannot be said for some of their direct competitors. Meaning one of them and we all know who I'm talking about, even if they've gotten better recently. 

In case you're interested in going through all the teams and leagues properly featured in PES 2019, you can hop on over to Konami's website over , where you'll find them all neatly arranged, stadiums included.

Even though Konami officially announced the game in the meantime, we initially found out about the launch date from a of PlayStation Store, bless their souls. Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 launches on 28 August in North America and 30 August 2018 in the EU for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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