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Konami announce Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 launch for August 2018

Published: 19:57, 09 May 2018
Leaked screenshot of Konami's Pro Evolution Soccer 2019
PES 2019

Just as the earlier leak from PlayStation Store in Hong Kong suggested, Konami will be launching their Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 on 30 August 2018. Konami now delivered an official announcement and listed two editions of PES 2019.

This time around, the cover is graced by the Brazilian Philipe Coutinho, an ex-Liverpool player who left for Barcelona in order to enjoy Champion's League football. Well, at least he's got a cover to cry over as Liverpool are looking to add another Champion's League title to their silverware cabinet on 26 May 2018.

There are two more versions of PES 2019, the David Beckham Edition and the Legend Edition, both of which come with good ol' Becks on the cover. Note that the Legend Edition is a digital download only and you can actually get a 10 per cent discount if you preorder it directly from PES 2018.

PES 2019 adds 11 new skill traits, including moves like no-look passes and dipping shots, so you won't be able to blame the game for lack of showmanship. Players performance, as well as behaviour, will be increasingly dependent on fatigue, so Konami designed a brand new fatigue system.

Konami say that PES 2019's new traits will allow players to perform Magic Moments on the pitch, which they claim is "now the forefront of PES 2019's superior gameplay." There's also a bunch of new physics features, celebrations and Konami say the new Englighten software ensures realistic visual effects and 4K HDR across all platforms.

Interestingly, Konami claim that PES 2019 comes with "more fully licensed leagues and stadiums" and "more club licensed partnerships", although most of these details will be revealed "at a later date". You may recall that the company recently in terms of licenses for all UEFA's championships.

Konami Screenshot of David Beckham from Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 PES 2019

Of course, despite Konami falling out with UEFA, the company are no strangers to finding their way around official licenses. After all - they have been doing it for most of PES' existence and they've come up with some real classics along the way. Ruud vom Mistelroum anyone?

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