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Konami halt sales of PES 2019's myClub coins in Belgium

Published: 16:49, 13 February 2019
Barcelona footballer Coutinho as portrayed in PES 2019
Pro Evolution Soccer 2019

Belgium continues to be at the forefront of the fight against what they deem as predatory gambling practices and the latest victim of this struggle are Konami, who will cease sales of myClub coins from Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 soon.

Konami announced the news themselves on the official website, explaining that it's a direct result of Belgian Gaming Commission's report on loot boxes in video games.

The announcement reads, "We fully respect the BGC's interpretation of relevant laws and made the decision to implement local changes to "PES 2019 (PRO EVOLUTION SOCCER 2019)" in Belgium.

PES 2019 is available on PC via Steam, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One so it's likely to take some time to implement this. Konami said they'll address  "one [platform] after another after necessary preparations are made".

This doesn't mean that myClub coins will no longer be a thing, it's just that PES 2019 players won't be able to purchase them with actual cash. Players can still freely spend their existing coins, along with any they earn from playing the game.

Of all the ruckus raised around micro-transactions, Belgium and Netherlands definitely lead the way, having taken actual steps toward eradicating the practice on the grounds of deeming it predatory gambling.

Valve were among to remove loot boxes from their game, followed by , pulling loot boxes from Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Dota 2 and NBA 2K19, respectively. Note, however, that they did so in Belgium and Netherlands, whereas Konami's decision is strictly for the former.

Electronic Arts, more commonly referred to as EA, are the only ones who put up a fight, insisting that their disclosing of odds meant they comply with legal interpretations of relevant laws. There was even talk of but in the end, EA decided the sales of FIFA Ultimate Team points in FIFA 19.

Konami Philippe Coutinho is preparing to take a corner kick in PES 2019 PES 2019

Belgium is obviously pretty serious in ridding the games of practices that resemble gambling, and even though USA and even Australia  about this recently, the Benelux Union seems to be the only one actually doing something about it.

You can find Konami's statement .

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