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Pearl Abyss' MMO-shooter Plan 8 gets gorgeous first screenshots

Published: 10:02, 18 December 2019
Updated: 10:03, 18 December 2019
Pearl Abyss
Plan 8 screenshot showing a character shootin at a creature
Plan 8

Black Desert developer Pearl Abyss have released first screenshots for their upcoming MMO-shooter title named Plan 8. It's another next-gen project from the studio and judging by the screenshots, it will be another gorgeous-looking game.

Recently, South Korean developer Pearl Abyss revealed their next-generation MMO titles that are set to arrive sometime next year trough beta test. Named Crimson Desert and Plan 8, both of these titles got many fans excited but at the moment, we're yet to get gameplay footage of either game.

And while we wait for to see these games in action, Pearl Abyss have released a fresh set of screenshots for both earlier this month and today, for Plan 8. If you're not familiar with Plan 8, which would not be surprising at all since the game is just announced and it's coming from a less-known developer, it's basically an MMO-shooter with big open world.

It's a game that will allow players to wear exosuits, which give them powerful abilities. As this is an MMO, there will be plenty of weapons, gear and other loot to grind for. Pearl Abyss also promise an interesting story and a unique online shooter experience.

And while these are just promises, one thing is for certain - Plan 8 will look absolutely stunning - if the final product has the same visuals as these screenshot in the gallery below. We don't have any reason to- doubt Pearl Abyss since Black Desert Online is the best looking MMORPG you can play right now. 

It's safe to say that the devs will follow the same pattern with Plan 8 and Crimson Desert and bring us two gorgeous-looking games next year. Plan 8 is confirmed for PC and consoles but we don't know if the game will launch only on next-generation consoles. Hopefully, the devs reveal more details soon.

Plan 8 is Pearl Abyss' MMO-shooter

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A man with an axe running through a forest in SCUM
Plan 8

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