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Payday 2's new paid DLCs: Black Cat Heist and Mega City Tailor Pack

Published: 14:13, 13 October 2021
Payday 2 - The Black Cat Heist
Payday 2 - The Black Cat Heist

Payday 2 players who choose to purchase the two new DLCs available on Steam will get to go on a luxury cruise ship as well as score some new threads.

Payday 2's latest addition to the City of Gold campaign comes in the form of two new DLCs. The first DLC on offer is a new heist which you can complete in a sneaky, stealthy way or the much preferred, guns blazing take no prisoner and walk away from an explosion looking like an absolute boss-way. Vlad is settling a score with the Golden Dagger Triad and the whole Payday gang has his back.

In the Black Cat Heist, Vlad and the gang are planning to hit the Golden Dagger Triad where it hurts. It just so happens to be a massive casino onboard the Black Cat, a deluxe cruise ship full of society’s highest (and lowest). The idea is for the gang to infiltrate the ship and send a message by making away with a large chunk of the Triad’s funds. 

Dress to impress

Payday 2's second DLC on offer today is more concerned about looking tailored. The Mega City Tailor Pack brings some robotic masks, inspired by martial arts. Each comes with its own colour scheme that matches the ones on the gloves and the suits.

Available styles:

  • Cybertrench Monochrome, Cyber Monkey, Padded Monkey
  • Cyberhoodie Red, Robo Mantis, Padded Mantis
  • Cyberhoodie Yellow, Electro Tiger, Padded Tiger
  • Cybertrench Green, Viper Cyberjack, Padded Viper
Dragon Bomber suit now available in red

The Dragon Bomber suit got a fresh colour palette just in time for Halloween. The new version is red and black, decorated with two silver dragons on the chest. 

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