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Apex Legends gets an explosive Season 8 trailer with Fuse in the lead role

Published: 19:08, 21 January 2021
Apex Legends, Fuse and be merry!
Apex Legends, Fuse and be merry!

As was suggested by brave miners of Apex Legends data mines, Respawn will be moving their usual schedule ahead a bit, in order to start with a bang, i.e. event.

According to Shrugtal, who happens to among the best of them, Respawn want Season 8: Mayhem to launch on cue with an anniversary event, or possibly a collection one. This is the reason why they hurried up their traditional schedule, but we're certainly not complaining.

Not to be Negative Nelly right from the get-go, Fuse's guitar work would've sounded pretty decent had he only remembered to tune the darn thing. I mean, he could've had them MRVNS do it for him. What? A simple phone could do it - they could tune an orchestra and still make it in time for the games. 

Apex Legends' new trailer is also a pretty good introduction to what Fuse is the best in - making things go boom. While some clever demolition work can indeed solve a lot of things, we'll see how the Aussie handles team play and team synergies. 

Then again, perhaps we best wait for the Apex Legends dev team to shed light on Fuse's abilities. His grenade has been playing a leading role in recent trailers, so ballparking his DPS should be a possibility soon.

Kings Canyon has spent some time on Apex Legends sidelines, during which time Respawn made a number of changes to make it better. Ironically, they made it better by ruining it, i.e. the team demolished chunks to spice the map up. 

Last but not the least is the 30-30 Repeater, Apex Legends' upcoming lever-action rifle, refreshing the arsenal for the next round of Apex wars.

EA Apex Legends, Fuse in action Apex Legends, Fuse in action

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