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First ever Pathfinder CRPG is now underway

Published: 13:48, 18 May 2017
Updated: 13:55, 18 May 2017
Pathfinder: Kingmaker

The great Infinity-era isometric CRPG do-over doesn't look like it will be running out steam any time soon. Next up, for the first time, the D&D 3.5 spin-off Pathfinder will be getting its own computeriSed RPG with the title Kingmaker.

The Pathfinder RPG system is comparatively young, with its inception occurring only 8 years ago. It managed to gain quite a following and split the D&D community quite a bit. Now, Pathfinder will be getting its first CRPG treatment, courtesy of Owlcat Games and published by

Owlcat Pathfinder: Kingmaker Pathfinder: Kingmaker

, a pathfinder enthusiast himself, will be joining the project for writing duties. lists a lot of credentials, presumably for individual studio members, including Heroes of Might and Magic V, and you might recognise as the publisher of Armored Warfare. They recently had some going on with Obsidian Enterteinment, which Avellone co-founded before going freelance. It's a small world.

Owlcat Pathfinder: Kingmaker Pathfinder: Kingmaker

"Since we had been working on the Evil Islands RPG series, back in later 1990th, and we were frantically playing games like Baldur’s Gate, Planescape: Torment, Icewind Dale, it became our dream to make a story-driven single-player computer RPG. Thanks to the recent great games of this genre, we realized that there are a lot of people as passionate as we are about classic isometric RPGs we used to know and love", is the way Owlcat Games chose to introduce themselves. Consider the fact that Avellone has done a lot of work on some of the titles that seem to have inspired the developers in the first place, and the world gets even smaller.

Pathfinder: Kingmaker comes bundled with a lot of promisses, including a companion-centric story, lots of character customisation, and a kingdom building system with a multitude of possible styles of building and governing your lands.


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