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Paladins' Saati gets release date and ability reveal

Published: 11:36, 19 August 2021
Evil Mojo
Paladins - Saati
Paladins - Saati

Evil Mojo first teased the next champion to join Paladins and now they have also revealed Saati's abilities, aimed at those who like skill shots and flashy plays.

Paladins is getting a new roster member soon as Saati is slated for release in September 2021 but Evil Mojo didn't provide an exact date yet. On the other hand, they revealed all of her abilities and cards so if you're pumped to start playing the daring bounty hunter, you can already commence the theorycrafting.

This damage dealer comes with 2,200 health and her own resource meter that consists of "pips". Regular abilities will consume pips so Saati's gameplay will be strategic and require good mechanics at the same time.

Primary fire is simply called Hand Cannon. Saati's gun holds up to seven bullets and deals 525 damage per shot in 0.5-second intervals. It is effective at up to 60 units.

Ricochet is the alt-fire and at the cost of two pips, Saati will throw a coin at her crosshair and if it hits an enemy, it will do 100 damage. She can shoot the coin up to four times before it's destroyed, each dealing 250 damage in the effective area. After four shots, it will explode and deal 550 damage.

Blast Kick, the first ability, will push enemies and Saati to their respective backwards trajectories. Enemies will go back 20 units and be set on fire while Saati will go up to 25 units back. This little trick costs four pips.

Dead Ringer will also cost four pips and it will spawn a clone of Saati that will shoot in one-second intervals, dealing 100 damage each time. The clone has 1,500 HP and enemies who shoot it will be revealed for one second while those who kill it will be revealed for three seconds.

Wallbang, the ultimate, does exactly what the name implies. Saati gains three shots that pierce the map and enemies. These shots will deal 777 damage.

Among the three talents, Heads or Tails seems to be the general thing to pick since the alt-fire shots will reveal everyone affected, deal double damage to shields and heal Saati for 125 HP per shot.

Window of Opportunity, on the other hand, will be extremely useful if you are getting rushed since it makes Blast Kick the perfect counter that will allow you to finish enemies off, perhaps even before they land.

Improvised is the default talent and it will just make the clone better overall. It will cost three instead of four pips and will explode for 500 damage upon getting killed.

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