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Paladins trailer teases Lilith, the Heartless, whose abilities already leaked

Published: 00:32, 13 April 2022
Hi-Rez Studios
Paladins - Lilith
Paladins - Lilith

Hi-Rez released a teaser trailer with a short cinematic that showcases the gist of the upcoming Paladins champion but her actual skillset has already leaked.

Lilith, the Heartless, is the upcoming support champion in Paladins and she is supposed to come out at some point in May 2022. The trailer below gives her a cinematic introduction but only hints at what her abilities will be like. That said, the details of the abilities are available through other means.

The info came through data mining and this time around, Realm Leaks opted to go for a more obscure way to describe the champion in order to avoid trouble with Hi-Rez.

Anyway, Lilith will heavily depend on blood, which makes sense, given her vampiric appearance and the mention of being able to give and take life in the cinematic trailer.

That was also a correct descriptor of one of her mechanics since Lilith is able to provide but also take healing, which suggests some form of sapping the potential of the opposing team's support champions.

Blood seems to be Lilith's resource pool, not unlike mana for so many other champions and it will provide some sort of bonus when the resource is available. The champion will replenish blood upon using her ultimate. 

Besides those details, there is a vague mention of a mark that can target champions and be removed from them but it's hard to determine what it will do for the time being.

Also, she appears to be able to deploy a blood pool but it remains to be seen if she will turn into the puddle herself, like Vladimir from League of Legends.

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