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Paladins Halloween event 2021: play two games, get one chest roll

Published: 17:35, 18 October 2021
Evil Mojo Games
Paladins Halloween 2021
Paladins Halloween 2021

Evil Mojo Games are celebrating Halloween in style by introducing a spooky event that will give the players an opportunity to snag some season-appropriate avatars.

It's trick or treat season and it has found its way into Paladins . Champions clamouring for the second set of Community Avatars for 2021 can stop what they were doing as the day has finally come. Starting today, all you have to do is play two non-bot games of the same mode in a row in exchange for one chest roll. The maximum number of chest rolls you can earn every day is four.


  • 2 x Team Deathmatch in a row = 1 roll
  • 2 x Siege in a row = 1 roll
  • 2 x Onslaught in a row = 1 roll
  • 2 x Ranked in a row = 1 roll

This system will grant everyone a chance to snag all the Hallowed Avatars and Autumn Maeve as well as a second chance at all of the Paladins Anniversary Avatars inside as well.

Paladins Halloween 2021 event details
  • Paladins Halloween 2021 Starts on Monday, October 18, 2021, at 16:00 GMT (12PM EST).
  • Paladins Halloween 2021 Ends on Monday, November 1, 2021, at 16:00 GMT (12PM EST).

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