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Paladins announces Yagorath and more Season 4 content

Published: 07:11, 09 January 2021
Hi-Rez Studios
Paladins - Yagorath
Paladins - Yagorath

Hi-Rez Studios had a pretty big showcase recently and it included info about Paladins' future, such as the new champion, Yagorath, who seems to share a lot with Cho'Gath from LoL.

League of Legends has over 150 champions so it's inevitable other games will have characters that share some similarities with the craftiest and most powerful beings in Runeterra but Paladins tends to have these more often in a more intense manner.

Lex is the perfect example which is something gamers pointed countless times before as his resemblance to LoL's Lucian is uncanny but this is apparently not stopping Hi-Rez from releasing new champions with similar design mantras.

Yagorath, the champion who will arrive during Season 4: Calamity, borrows design and has lore similar to Cho'Gath from LoL. Both hail from the big scary place the inhabitants of the world know little of and both are all about devouring things. Furthermore, both of them grow as they do so, at least in the lore, since Yagorath's ability description doesn't state this happens in the game.

Besides the similarities to Cho, Yagorath's means of travel as a spinning creature that knocks enemies upon contact is heavily reminiscent of Rammus and the form swapping with sonar vision reminds of Rek'Sai. 

Still, it is important to note that while many similarities are found, the games are worlds apart, with one being a MOBA and the other a hero shooter so Yagorath's gameplay will probably be different enough.

With all those elements mixed in, it's possible to see a unique playstyle and Yagorath has enough unique mechanics to distinguish herself from characters found in other games.

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