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Overwatch's Hammond is a hamster called Wrecking Ball

Published: 16:10, 29 June 2018
Newly added Overwatch hero called Hammond or Wrecking Ball

As you could imagine, reactions to Blizzard's adding of a hamster called Wrecking Ball to Overwatch's hero pool was met with mixed tempers, although most of them seem to be aimed at the fact that Hammond is a rodent in a robot suit.

Apparently, not everyone is down with robotic augmentation of hamsters but we at AltChar think it's pretty cute. Honestly, it was about time Overwatch got some over the top, tacky ridiculousness added to it, since Junkrat can't carry that burden alone anymore.

Hammond is described as a "resourceful tinkerer with remarkable mechanic skills", which helped him piece Wrecking Ball together from the junk he found in Australian outback. The little guy supposedly wrecked much more than just balls in Junkertown, winning all sorts of destruction oriented tournaments he could get his little mitts on.

Wrecking Ball boasts quad cannons, even though it's the least exciting part of his, ahem, persona. Namely, his deal is awesome mobility and even more awesome destructive power, courtesy of Roll, his ability to curl up into an iron ball and move around.

Once in Roll mode, Hammond can shoot a Grappling Claw, turning him into an actual wrecking ball, letting you fling yourself around at the rest of the poor, unsuspecting Overwatch roster. It will probably take some time for players to work out Wrecking Ball's quirks but I suspect Hammond will become an offensive mainstay in the meta, provided Blizzard doesn't customarily nerf him into the ground next. 

While curled up, Wrecking Ball can also deploy minefields and has an Adaptive Shield, whose amount is directly related to the number of enemies around you, i.e. the more enemies there are - the more armour you've got. Last but not the least is the Piledriver, which already looks mouthwatering.

Blizzard Blizzard's newly added Overwatch hero called Wrecking Ball Overwatch

Naturally, Overwatch forums are filled with cries of surprise, since most expected Hammond to be from the Horizon Lunar Colony. Not all people seem to garner the same sort of emotions towards mecha-hamsters but there are those who are in favour too. Not that Blizzard will listen to any one of them, but still.

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