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Overwatch - Mercy's Resurrect can now be interrupted

Published: 16:23, 01 November 2017
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Mercy got a new Ultimate ability back in August. The new ability made her very valuable on the battlefield but all that may change when the PTR patch hits the live game. Ana's Bionic Rifle was buffed.

Jeff and the Overwatch team have graced Mercy with that made her a must pick all the way back in August. Boy, time sure does fly when you're not playing Overwatch. Up until the August update, Mercy's Ultimate was called Resurrect and she had the power to do just that when she was nearby her fallen teammates. 

In August, however, Resurrect was demoted to a regular ability. It was given a cooldown of 30 seconds and a one teammate cap. The new Ultimate was Valkyrie, that temporarily puts Mercy in en enhanced state where she can fly, heal and damage boost multiple allies, have unlimited pistol ammo, and gain an extra charge on her Resurrect ability. 

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You can now imagine why her new Ultimate made her a must pick. Alas, Mercy's newfound popularity meant that other healers, such as Ana were often overlooked. Now, a fresh update has been unleashed into the Overwatch PTR and it threatens to take Mercy off of her throne. 

The update features a damage increase for Ana and a nerf to Mercy. The PTR patch nerfs Mercy’s Resurrect so the ability now has a 1.75 second cast time, during which she moves 75 percent slower. This will probably put Mercy in a lot of crosshairs. Bear in mind, when Valkyrie is active, Resurrect goes back to casting instantly.

Enemy players can also now interrupt the ability by knocking back, stunning or hacking the winged healer.

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Ana's damage buff has made her something of a hybrid character. Her Biotic Rifle now does 70 damage rather than 60. "Ana has been outshined by other support heroes lately," Blizzard stated. "Boosting her damage will help her defend herself and make her more threatening to the enemy team."

Check out the PTR patch notes .

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