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Overwatch's new PTR patch buffs Mei and Doomfist, live patch bungle resolved

Published: 13:10, 15 February 2018
Sombra glitching out
Overwatch - Sombra

Blizzard have accidentally released a patch meant for the PTR along with their Year of the Dog Overwatch update. The changes to Sombra, Mei and Doomfist have since been moved to the PTR. The Overwatch team is looking at some changes to Hanzo's Scatter Arrow.

Overwatch's brought way more than Blizzard intended in the form of some hero changes that were supposed to hit the game's PTR. Instead, they hit the live servers and everyone got a taste of the new Sombra changes. Other heroes in line for a healthy dose of tweaking are Mei and Doomfist. 

All these changes have been redirected to Overwatch PTR to be properly tested.

Blizzard Overwatch - Legendary Mei skin Overwatch - Legendary Mei skin

Mei's freeze will last a bit longer in the future (from 1 second up to 1.5 seconds). Jeff from the Overwatch team hopes that this will give Mei a better fighting chance against more mobile heroes. Looking at you, Tracer. Her Endothermic blaster will get a couple more shots as well.

Sombra players will no longer be able to charge their Ultimate ability by hacking health packs left and right. Her Ult generation has been moved into the amount of damage she deals. Some changes have been made to Sombra's gun as well. Jeff said that they are experimenting with the Hack ability. The ability now takes less time to cast and has some new effects on Sombra's enemies.

Doomfist's ammo recovery rate has been increased. This change, coupled with the recent tweaks to his Hand Cannon, namely the one that allows him to shoot more bullets that deal less damage, should be fun to see and play.

Blizzard Overwatch - Legendary Doomfist skin Overwatch - Legendary Doomfist skin

Jeff wrapped up by teasing a couple of heroes that are due for a bit of balancing of their own. Those include Hanzo, Symmetra and Torbjörn. The Hanzo changes will soon be ready for the PTR, but for now, you can check out what they won't be doing to him over on .

Overwatch's  is coming up on 16 February 2018.

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