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Moira joins Overwatch PTR, cosmetics added to base Loot Boxes

Published: 12:41, 07 November 2017
Updated: 15:13, 24 September 2018
Overwatch - Moira

Overwatch has a new patch unwrapping in PTR at the moment. The patch brings the new hero Moira, nerfs Mercy and buffs Ana. New cosmetic items have been announced for 2018. The new items will be added to the base Loot Boxes soonish.

Overwatch's latest PTR is up and is now available for testing. We talked about the new hero ad nauseam in the article linked above, but a little recap never hurt anyone. 

Moira has the power of science at her fingertips, and uses said power to heal her allies and drain life from her enemies. Her main attack - Biotic Grasp does just that. Moira's Ultimate ability - Coalescence does the same thing, not bothered by minor obstacles such as walls and various barriers. Fade enables Moira to disappear out of sight and into the shadows, granting her a sprint and making her invulnerable for its duration.

Blizzard Moira's eyes seen through a cloud of yellow and purple smoke Overwatch - Moira

include Ana's Biotic Rifle damage increase and significant changes to Mercy. After , she became a force to be reckoned with and a must pick for most matches. Jeff and the Overwatch team realised that this meant other support heroes (such as Ana) were being overlooked. The new and improved Mercy would probably overshadow Moira as well, so the team decided to clip the good doctor's wings a bit.

This brings us to the Patch that is currently in the PTR. Mercy's Resurrect was nerfed and now has a 1.75 seconds cast time (up from 0), her movement speed is now reduced by 75 percent while casting and the ability can be interrupted if she's knocked back, stunned, or hacked. However, if Valkyrie is activated Resurrect goes back to casting in no time and Mercy's speed doesn't change.

Read the full patch notes

Blizzard Picture of Mercy in Overwatch Mercy - Overwatch

On to the upcoming skins, sprays, emotes and other cosmetics. A fresh batch of cosmetic items will be delivered to Overwatch in early 2018. Consider it a late Christmas present. Or an early one if you get excited just talking about them.

If you shook your head in agreement over the last sentence, you should now prepare to faint. The new cosmetics will not be a part of a new event. They'll become a part of the base Loot Box set. Still with me? That's a damn shame. 

Anyway, you’ll be able to purchase all of the new skins, emotes, and other cosmetic items without waiting around for an event and then scrambling to get as many sprays and skins as possible. New incentives-ville - population: people that have been playing the game since it launched and have every item from the base Loot Boxes.

Blizzard Overwatch Overwatch

The new skins will be available in two themes: Blizzard World themed skins and skins pulled right out of the recent Blizzard cinematics. The Crusader Reinhardt skin is from the latest Overwatch short , and the Ecopoint Mei skin is from .

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