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Overwatch: Winter Wonderland 2017 patch adds new skins and a new report notification system

Published: 10:59, 13 December 2017
Overwatch Winter Wonderland 2017 event logo
Overwatch Winter Wonderland 2017

Winter Wonderland 2017 patch has introduced a new notification system to Overwatch. Players will now receive in-game notifications instead of e-mails. New character skins, highlight intros and emotes are available.

Overwatch's problem with toxicity is hardly news these days. However, some of the improvements being made to the player report system are worthy of a paragraph or two in today's all you can eat Overwatch buffet.

Yesterday’s Winter Wonderland Event patch has replaced the e-mail notifications with in-game ones. This means that, from now on, whenever you happen upon a toxic player and report him/her, you get an in-game notification if and when that report results in a ban. Fun stuff.

Blizzard Junkrat as Beachrat Junkrat for Winter Wonderland 2017 Overwatch Winter Wonderland 2017 - Beachrat Junkrat

This will not be a one way notification lane. Oh no, sir. Players will get a notification if they themselves have been reported. A warning might be issued if the questionable behaviour continues. A serious issue will result in a silence, a suspension, or a permanent ban with no previous warning.

On a happier note,  is here. You get to experience the living hell out of the Overwatch Holiday Spirit until 01 January rolls around. There's a brand new brawl called Mei’s Yeti Hunt. The new brawl pits five Meis against one Yeti. Hijinks ensue.

Mei’s Snowball Offensive is live again this year. The event is available in the Black Forest and Antarctica. The complete patch notes can be found at .

Blizzard Mei as Mei-rry Mei for Winter Wonderland 2017 Overwatch Winter Wonderland 2017 - Mei-rry Mei

As the Winter Wonderland event comes to a close, Season 8 of competitive play kicks off. New tweaks to the Skill Rating system will limit the maximum Skill Rating difference between the highest SR player on a team and the lowest SR player on the same team.

The technology for this change had been implemented back in November, with the patch. In December, the team will play with the effects of a more restricted SR spectrum and on 02 January, they will implement the resulting values for Season 8. The values will be a product of player feedback coupled with the team's own data.

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Overwatch: Winter Wonderland 2017

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A man with an axe running through a forest in SCUM
Overwatch Winter Wonderland 2017
Overwatch: Winter Wonderland 2017

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