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Outriders teased for Xbox Game Pass

Published: 10:41, 14 March 2021
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Outriders - Jakub
Outriders - Jakub

Melissa McGamepass has come once more and "leaked" another game that's coming to the service - the upcoming looter shooter, Outriders.

Outriders demo has been a major success since the game was delivered in a shape that's actually pretty good, especially considering the unfinished builds that we normally get for $60 / €60 these days.

The game has been making waves and gathered enough players to populate a small country , weeks before it officially releases on April 1, 2021. When released, it will be available on PC, PlayStation 4/5, Stadia, GeForce NOW and Xbox One / Series X/S. 

Microsoft's family of devices, meaning those that support Xbox Game Pass, will have another way of playing the game apparently, besides outright buying it. Namely, Xbox Game Pass Twitter account teased that Outriders would be coming to the service so it's possible this will be a day one title on the subscription.

The announcement came in the form of another "leaked" email from Melissa McGamepass, a fictional character that tends to drop these juicy bits of news.

Her supposedly leaked mail references "a mysterious signal" and "anomaly", both of which are crucial points in the story of Outriders. The first one is a reference to the signal that the humans received on Enoch, with an unknown origin while the anomaly is the phenomenon that occurs on the planet and gives us those awesome powers.

In case you didn't follow the demo, story and details relevant to understanding the wording from McGamepass' "leak", you can check out the animated trailer below that sums it up in just over a minute.

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