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Items should stop disappearing in Outriders soon

Published: 10:23, 05 March 2021
People Can Fly
Outriders - Migraine was the first Legendary drop during this farming session
Outriders - Migraine was the first Legendary drop during this farming session

Outriders has a major issue where items can disappear from a player's inventory and the devs are partially fixing the demo soon but more refinement is coming.

Looter shooter games describe very well what they are about in the genre name itself - you shoot enemies to collect the loot eventually. Half of it saw a terrible problem during the Outriders demo where players found out that items in their inventory would disappear periodically. Losing the loot is detrimental for obvious reasons here and the devs agree.

In their demo update post, People Can Fly noted that one of the bugs causing this issue has been found and fixed. The patch should be arriving to the Outriders demo in the early days of the week starting on March 8, 2021. It appears that there is more than just one cause for the problem and the team will keep tracking the other causes down. 

Unfortunately, there is currently no system in place that could automatically restore a player's inventory but the devs are trying to come up with such a thing in the near future.

When they do find the underlying causes for the disappearing loot, the devs will notify the community through social channels but it's safe to assume this will be covered by news sites as well.

Oh, and they nerfed the chest run so you won't be able to get legendaries there. On the other hand, the Captains remained untouched so you can farm your heart out there.

The idea here is that farming Captains is still looter shooter gameplay, while just running around opening chests doesn't really fit the description. It's hard to disagree on that one.

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