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Omen gets nerfed hard as Yoru makes debut in Valorant

Published: 02:28, 13 January 2021
Riot Games
Valorant - Omen
Valorant - Omen

Valorant's resident creepy guy got a round of severe nerfs as Riot Games apparently tried to make him and Brimstone differentiate themselves.

Omen has been quite the popular pick in Valorant lately, partially due to his mobility and outplay potential through teleportation but mostly because of the massive vision control he has. The latter can be said for Brimstone as well and Riot decided to make these two a bit more different from each other by nerfing Omen and buffing Brimstone.

In the case of Omen, his Paranoia has doubled in cost and a charge will now set you 400 credits back while Dark Cover's projectile speed has been decreased by 30 per cent. Overall, this will cripple the shadowy guy's economy if he's to deny opponents vision, or in the case of smokes, he will have to plan further ahead since it will take more time for them to land.

Meanwhile, it's all smooth sailing for Brimstone. His Stim Beacon will now go out faster since it's now a quick cast and doesn't require equipping while Molly price has been reduced from 300 to 200 credits. Sky Smokes will now have 19 longer cast range and smoke duration has been increased by five seconds.

If those buffs were not enough, Brimstone will no longer give his position away when confirming the location of the smokes since that sound has been removed.

Those who wished to play the teleporting Controller might now switch to the teleporting Duelist, Yoru, until the meta is researched again so we can know where Omen is standing after the nerfs .

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