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BattleTech is October Humble Monthly Bundle's poster child

Published: 06:14, 10 September 2019
Harebrained Schemes
Concept art for BattleTech showing three Battle Mechs fighting an unseen enemy.

Humble Monthly Bundle tends to offer at least one well-known game, on top of a bunch of smaller ones at the price of $12 a month. The star of the October bundle is BattleTech, a game that's well worth the price of admission on its own.

Humble Bundle reveals their selection of games awarded for the subscription gradually, starting with the best ones in order to garner as much interest as possible. October's featured top title is BattleTech, a turn-based mech combat title from Harebrained Schemes, known for their Shadowrun series.

BattleTech released in April 2018 but it's still receiving post-launch support. Paradox Interactive are the publishers after all, and they do like offering a lot of DLC in their games. That said, the vanilla version will let players have fun for dozens of hours thanks to the deep mech customisation and tactical systems.

On the flip side, not everyone likes high difficulty and this is what BattleTech will subject its players to from time to time. Many reviews mentioned odd difficulty scaling with missions often being either easy or an absolute nightmare, with no balanced ones in between.

This is in part due to the nature of BattleTech since it's not a straightforward turn-based tactics game - it's has a deeper than usual management system. Any damage sustained on the mechs is going to cost money and sometimes the damage will outweigh the benefits of a successful mission. Therefore, players can pull out any time they feel things are going south.

In terms of value, Humble's offering is certainly a tempting one. BattleTech normally costs $39.99, meaning the will get the game for about 30 per cent of the base price, or with a 70 per cent discount if you will. That is not counting the additional games the service will reveal later on. 

Harebrained Battletech screenshot of Atlas mech about to go nasty on a much smaller opponent Battletech - I'd slap a

Furthermore, BattleTech runs on just about anything so if you have a dated rig, you shouldn't have issues running a fairly recent game on it. The game for even GTX 560 Ti and i3-2105 configurations.

Gallery of several BattleTech screenshots and promotional artwork

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