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Sunset Harbor DLC for Cities Skyline is now available

Published: 12:00, 26 March 2020
Paradox Interactive
Cities: Skylines - Sunset Harbor
Cities: Skylines - Sunset Harbor

Paradox Interactive announced that Sunset Harbor DLC is now available for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. It will enrich the Cities Skylines experience with new features like more transportation means and the Fishing Industry.

Cities Skylines has a new DLC, Sunset Harbor, which will set players back $14.99 / €14.99 should they decide to purchase the pack. It is the first Cities Skylines expansion ever to arrive simultaneously on PC and consoles but that's not the only trait the fans will be looking forward to.

Some of the most requested features were added with the DLC, such as the trolleybus for public transportation. There are many other new ways to move citizens from point A to point B so here is a rundown of all the new features.

Fishing Industry. As the name suggests, the players will be able to explore this industry by controlling the fishing boats at sea as well as the fish farms. Following proper policies can get the freshest fish to grocery stores.

In case someone gets stuck with no viable body of water, they can use water treatment plants that will process wastewater for future use.

The new bus system includes the Intercity Bus Service and the Trolleybus Service in case someone wants to be eco-friendly and build the necessary overhead wires to power the vehicles. Furthermore, the transport hubs will connect different public transport network in order to ease the transition between different modes of transportation for the citizens.

Passenger Helicopter service will allow people to bypass the traffic by moving through the air while the Aviation Club will encourage small plane owners to take part in recreational flying.

Five new maps in total will be available as Sunset Harbor offers boreal, tropical and temperate biomes for the players to build new cities on.

Transfer facilities will allow players to handle trash without compromising the city layout or the land value.

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