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Nvidia team up with Reshade modder Marty Mcfly to bring RT to hundreds of games

Published: 08:54, 12 January 2022
McFly Ray Traced Global Illumination ON in Borderlands
McFly Ray Traced Global Illumination ON in Borderlands

Nvidia are adding a ray tracing global illumination (RT GI) filter to the GeForce experience app which will allow players to enable ray tracing in hundreds of new games.

With the next GeForce driver update, you will be able to inject ray-tracing to hundreds of games thanks to a GeForce experience ray tracing filter from a well-known modder Pascal Gilcher aka Marty McFly, who released several ray-tracing reshade mods for non-ray tracing games previously.

In addition to ray tracing, Nvidia are also adding other depth-based filters to Ge Force Experience Freestyle. Here is the full list of new GeForce Experience Freestyle additions: 

  • SSRTGI (Screen Space Ray Traced Global Illumination), commonly known as the “Ray Tracing ReShade Filter” enhances lighting and shadows of your favourite titles to create a greater sense of depth and realism.
  • SSAO (Screen Space Ambient Occlusion) emphasizes the appearance of shadows near the intersections of 3D objects, especially within dimly lit/indoor environments.
  • Dynamic DOF (Depth of Field) applies bokeh-style blur based on the proximity of objects within the scene giving your game a more cinematic suspenseful feel.

You can see McFly's ray-tracing in action in Red Dead Redemption 2 in the video below:

Of course, the mod is not perfect and you can notice plenty of noise but if that doesn't bother you can try it with the new driver update, which should be coming soon. 

You can find more info about Pascal Gilcher's reshade mods on his  Patreon. 

Thanks, Wccftech.

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