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No Man's Sky: Beyond's experimental build and dev update are out

Published: 08:54, 24 August 2019
No Man's Sky: Beyond, fan-made screenshot

Hello Games have recently launched No Man's Sky: Beyond and continued outdoing themselves both in terms of in-game content and sheer numbers, and now the dev posted a development update and an experimental build for PC players to test.

Let's take care of the more technical stuff - Hello Games rolled out an experimental branch of No Man's Sky: Beyond that's available as an opt-in for Steam users.

The experimental branch is basically a rapidly patched version that addresses a number of crashes and other issues that have cropped up since the launch of No Man's Sky: Beyond.

"To play in Experimental, right-click on No Man's Sky from the Steam library page and select 'Properties'. Among the available tabs will be the 'BETAS' tab. Enter '3xperimental' in the textbox and press 'CHECK CODE', then select it from the dropdown menu", Hello Games wrote.

It fixes issues like the one where transferring valuables to other players would produce invalid products, non-rumbling control pads, etc. There are also tweaks to Beyond's graphics memory usage and a number of PC-specific VR optimisations, although Oculus-specific ones will be arriving at a later date.

If you're to dive into No Man's Sky: Beyond's experimental build, Hello Games advise doing it from backed up saves of the main branch.

Hello Games also posted a development update, where they listed a ton of fixes to No Man's Sky: Beyond like the one that sometimes transports you to the wrong system when joining groups, UI adjustments and more.

Vulkan driver support now has improved warnings and the dev improved the notification system for GPU issues. Also, 4k/scaled displays could occasionally show incorrect fullscreen or max size, and alt-tabbing should be a safer affair from now on. 

Hello Games No Man's Sky, the pub encounter No Man's Sky, the pub encounter

For a game that started with total adoration and then devolved into total toxicity, it's pretty great seeing all the love that No Man's Sky's dev team has been receiving as of late, from in-game to 'Thank You' , and Hello Games are repeatedly being blown off their feet.

Hello Games Astronaut running in No Man's Sky: Beyond No Man's Sky: Beyond

Their latest encounter was with the group that put up the billboard, and Hello Games sound more than delighted with their recent pub-encounter. 

"[We received] a box of handwritten postcards in a box decorated with beautiful pyrography, and a high-quality book filled with screenshots of some of their favourite locations in No Man’s Sky. Thank you so much, everyone who contributed, we don't quite know how to process it!

Roland Oberheim Roland Oberheim's portrait of Sean Murray in No Man's Sky, shot C No Man's Murray

You can find the dev update and the regular patch notes on No Man's Sky: Beyond , while the experimental build patch notes are .

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