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No Man's Sky update adds Living Ships, new missions and more in 2.3 update

Published: 18:45, 19 February 2020
Hello Games
No Man's Sky, Living Ship parking lot
No Man's Sky, the Living Ship..umm...ranch?

Once proverbially blasted out of orbit, today revered - No Man's Sky has once again delighted its playerbase with a peculiar update that adds living, breathing ships to the fray, with the introduction of the game's Update 2.3.

Much like in a few Sci-Fi shows you may have seen through the years, No Man's Sky's Living Ships are rare, sentient starships, and they grow in procedurally-generated variations. Yeah, they sort of have a mind of their own. 

As you can see from the image below, each of these bio-ships has its own set of unique organic technologies. Each of them is procedurally generated, as to give No Man's Sky pilots customised, evolved loadouts.

No Man's Sky update also brings with it a series of missions, Starbirth, which will actually explain how these ships came to bee. It's related to the ancient Korvax experiment, which will allow you to have your own sentient flyer. 

Provided you're a VR headset owner, No Man's Sky's Update 2.3 should be an even bigger treat, as Hello games wrote, "Pilot your sentient ship from its strange, organic cockpit. Grasp vein-covered tendrils to suggest directions to the living craft, and examine the unsettling details in full 360° in VR."

Hello Games are promising pilots rare encounters with mysterious space objects and strange new lifeforms they'll encounter in their travels. Whether you choose to investigate some of them is your choice, but always remember what Rick says - don't be afraid to give one of those facehugger eggs a good shake. 

Hello Games No Man's Sky, Living Ship loadout screen No Man's Sky, Living Ship loadout

Last but not least, at least in terms of in-game related changes are those to No Man's Sky's NPCs. "NPCs now have the potential to hail your communicator in space.These alien lifeforms often stock specialty items for sale – but some may need assistance, or approach with more questionable intentions", they wrote. 

Hello Games No Man's Sky, unique organic tech cards No Man's Sky, unique organic tech

You can find the official announcement here .

No Man's Sky, a space exploration adventure by Hello Games

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