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No Man's Sky hitting Xbox Game Pass in June

Published: 15:41, 26 May 2020
No Man's Sky: Beyond, fan-made screenshot

Hello Games and Microsoft have some great news for Xbox Game Pass on consoles - No Man's Sky will be available to the service's subscribers in June 2020.

Sean Murray, Hello Games' head honcho, wrote a brief announcement where he reminded that No Man's Sky release on Xbox One was quite a special affair for more than one reason. 

"Almost two years ago, our small team at Hello Games brought No Man’s Sky to Xbox One for the first time and introduced Xbox One players to our infinite, procedurally-generated universe. Given how avidly Xbox One owners love to play together, it was perhaps no coincidence that the Xbox One release coincided with the large Next update, which brought fully-fledged multiplayer to the game for the first time", he said. 

It also marked a big turning point that turned the game's rocky launch into just a first chapter in a saga that hopefully lasts much longer. If Hello Games' content updates are any measure, and they usually are, we'll be hearing No Man's Sky praises for a while more. 

Murray also reminded that No Man's Sky has changed significantly from when it first released on Xbox One, especially in the multiplayer and co-op departments. The last two updates added features like the Living Ship and Exo-mechs, so there's plenty to do in-game. 

Hello Games No Man's Sky, first-person exocraft No Man's Sky, first-person exocraft

"In addition, we can also announce that next month we’re bringing a Windows 10 PC version of No Man’s Sky to the Microsoft Store. Our PC fanbase has always been among our most active and devoted and we are overjoyed to be able to count Windows 10 PC gamers among them for the first time very soon", Murray concluded. 

You can find the announcement here .

No Man's Sky, a space exploration adventure by Hello Games

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