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No Man's Sky: Synthesis lands tomorrow with a ton of new features

Published: 14:58, 27 November 2019
Hello Games
No Man's Sky, Terrain Manipulator
No Man's Sky, Terrain Manipulator

Hello Games said that No Man's Sky: Synthesis will be a hefty update and they weren't joking - the list of changes they're introducing tomorrow, 28 November, is lengthy, from ship salvaging and terrain editing to first-person exocraft cams.

No Man's Sky players can now visit ship salvage modules at space stations and do a number of things, which, of course, includes salvaging. Scraping your craft will give you "valuable products, new technologies and an inventory augmentation’, where the augmentation part can be upgraded for a hefty amount of units as well

.Starship outfitting stations are now capable of upgrading ships that are not yet S-Class, although that will cost you a pretty penny as well. A pretty nanite penny, that is.

No Man's Sky's Terrain Manipulator has been optimised for smoother editing, both in terms of visual effects and actual purpose. There's a flattening mode that lets you treat entire areas, as well as a restore mode that lets you revert everything to its natural state.

Players can own more than one Multi-Tool now and when purchasing new ones, they can either trade in the existing one, or buy another. They will be added to the Quick Menu as well, so that quick swapping is made easier. 

Hello Games added new a new tech to No Man's Sky called the Personal Refiner, and it will let you refine stuff right there, instead of having to rely on the restrictions of portable refiners.

Hello Games No Man's Sky, ship building No Man's Sky, ship building

No Man's Sky: Synthesis also adds the ability to save custom outfits in the customiser, improved Space Map, optimisations and tweaks of base building, drag-and-drop inventory tweaks and a slew of other tweaks and bug fixes. 

Hello Games No Man's Sky, first-person exocraft No Man's Sky, first-person exocraft

You can find the extensive list of patch notes on .

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