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Nintendo reset Metroid Prime 4 development and surprise everyone

Published: 15:28, 26 January 2019
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Nintendo have managed to surprise everyone with their announcement on Metroid Prime 4 development but it wasn't the news of the game progress being reset that was the surprise - it was Nintendo's openness that was the real culprit.

Nintendo's general manager of the Entertainment Planning & Development Division Shinya Takahashi came out and delivered the sad news - even though they're aware that Metroid Prime 4 is a highly anticipated game, its development will be started from scratch.

Takahashi claims that the sequel that was being worked on "has not reached the standards [Nintendo] seek in a sequel to the Metroid series." With that in mind, the company decided for what's probably the safest route - back to square one, and in more ways than one. 

Namely, Nintendo decided to turn to the studio that made the original games. This means that Retro Games is back on the job and they'll be working closely with Metroid Prime 4's producer Kensuke Tanabe.

Takahashi stressed that Nintendo are uncompromising when it comes to delivering quality products and that their players only deserve the best, the standard which the state of the current Metroid Prime 4 wouldn't fit in with.

Having been in the pipeline since its E3 announcement in June 2017, it's fair to assume that we won't be seeing Metroid Prime 4 for at least another year or two. Thankfully though, the fans don't seem to mind, most of them at least, as they were taken aback by Nintendo's conduct.

After all, it's not every day that you hear about anything from Nintendo and even Metroid Prime 4's development was kept tightly under wraps, until now at least. Although the comment section of the above video has been disabled, fans made it clear elsewhere that this is the way to conduct business.

Nintendo Metroid: Samus Returns Metroid: Samus Returns

Truth be told, anyone would be hard pressed to disagree and we can only hope Nintendo will continue walking this honest path, if for nothing else then so they can finally leave the comment section be.

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