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Metroid Prime 4 starting from scratch helmed by Retro Studios

Published: 16:57, 25 January 2019
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Metroid Prime 4

Nintendo's development head Shinya Takahashi, announced that the team behind the original Metroid Prime series Retro Studios, are developing Metroid Prime 4. The development will also fully restart with producer Kensuke Tanabe at the helm.

Metroid Prime 4 development failed to reach Nintendo's expected standards which resulted in a development team change and a full reboot. This was confirmed in Nintendo's latest video where development head Shinya Takahashi officially announced Retro Studios as the new developers of Metroid Prime 4.

Retro Studios are the developers of the original Metro games and will start work on the fourth instalment with series producer Kensuke Tanabe. Takahashi mentioned that Metroid Prime 4's current status is "very challenged" which made Nintendo "reexamine" and change the development structure.

According to Takahashi, it was a difficult decision to make, but in the end, the publisher believes it will be the right call. "If we're not satisfied with the quality, we aren't able to deliver it to our customers with confidence and the game will not live up to our fans' expectations," Takahashi said.

Since development is fully restarted, Metroid Prime 4's release date will be pushed even further from the publisher's "initial internal plan". Takahashi didn't offer any comfort for the fans who expected some new, exciting news. "It will be a long road until the next time we will be able to update you on the development progress and the development time will be extensive," Shinya concluded.

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Metroid Prime 4 was originally announced back in June 2017, and since then, Nintendo haven't offered much info about the project. Earlier this year, rumours suggested that Bandai Namco are developing the game, and some online game retailers even leaked a potential release date.

Well, that turned out to be another fake and who knows for how long players will have to wait to get a proper look at Metroid Prime 4. Many of them are probably disappointed that the next instalment in their favourite series isn't coming soon.

But at the end of the day, would you rather have half baked game in one year or a proper Metroid Prime sequel in three?

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