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PETA launches Kitten Squad to teach children about animal abuse

Published: 19:45, 17 May 2018
User interface from PETA's game Kitten Squad
Kitten Squad

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, or as they're more commonly known PETA, have released their game Kitten Squad on the Switch. Kitten Squad for the Switch is published by Arcade Distillery and is of course completely free.

The game launched about a week ago to be precise, although it seems relatively unchanged from the original version. Yes, the original Kitten Squad which launched for PlayStation 4 and PC back in 2015.

Kitten Squad has players fighting "sadistic robots" that are holding orca whales captive in SeaLand Marine Park. There's also the evil Sheep Puncher robot, whose hostages are of course sheep. The kittens use weaponry such as carrot rocket launchers and yarn ball guns.

The game's Switch version has singleplayer and multiplayer for up to four players. Of course, that leaves you with only having to buy four more Switches and you're on the green.

It turns out that Kitten Squad is PETA's first console game. The company has actually already published a few Pokemon and Super Mario parodies, although we're talking about lightweight online games that are more like glorified gags than actual games.

PETA claim their motivation for Kitten Squad was to educate children and teach them that violence against animals is bad. Apparently, killing robots and chucking carrot rockets at enemies will do that. Interestingly, Kitten Squad is rated Teen, meaning you need to be older than 13 to play. Now this is a bit of an amateurish situation we've got here. Unfortunately for PETA, disturbed 13 year olds are neither going to be magically repaired by a sub-par game, nor will they play it in the first place.

PETA Screenshot from PETA's game Kitten Squad Kitten Squad

In case you're dead set on trying Kitten Squad out on PC, I know I was, you can do so . Be warned though - it's ridiculously bad in every respect. Not least for portraying the rest of the world as murdering robots.

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