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NGE Shadowverse Open Season 2 - this year open for Europe

Published: 09:03, 12 July 2017

Cygames and NGE will produce another NGE Shadowverse Open tournament again this year. The tournament will be available to players from Europe and broadcast from the NGE Studios in Burbank, California live to The sign-ups are live now.

Shadowverse is a turn-based card game that has been downloaded over 10 million times since it launched last summer. Last year's NGE Shadowverse Open will happen again this year, says the press release from Cygames.

Shadowverse developer and publisher, Cygames, teamed up with NGE (Next Generation Esports) for the second time this year to bring us NGE Shadowverse Open Season 2:

"Continuing its partnership with Cygames, NGE will direct and produce the NGE Shadowverse Open for players in North America and now Europe. The NGE Shadowverse Open will be broadcast from the NGE Studios in Burbank, California live to, with videos on-demand being made available on YouTube".

Cygames Shadowverse Shadowverse

Starting today, players of Shadowverse can register to compete in the NGE Shadowverse Open Season 2. The event will be comprised of a series of three qualifier tournaments followed by a month-long Invitational round robin tournament that culminate in exciting finals.

Round robin tournament is a competition where each contestant meets all other contestants in turn.

Yuito Kimura, Shadowverse Producer and Cygames Executive Director, said in a press release: "It was so satisfying to see the Season 1 competitors go from strength to strength. As part of our ongoing global esports plans the NGE Shadowverse Open plays a crucial role - we’re delighted that we’ve managed to incorporate so much fan feedback into the new format and are excited to see how players and viewers respond".

Cygames Shadowverse Shadowverse

Andy Vander Woude, co-founder, and CEO of NGE said, “Following the success of Season 1, we are doubling down on the NGE Shadowverse Open, and taking every aspect to the next level. For Season 2, we are expanding participating regions to include Europe, overhauling the NGE Shadowverse Open website, and creating an all new set. We’re thrilled to be a part of the Shadowverse community, and help shape the future of Shadowverse esports.”

You can catch the tournaments live on . Sign-up info and more can be found right through . Shadowverse CCG is available on .

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