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Hearthstone's upcoming balance update will nerf five cards

Published: 10:11, 01 February 2019
Blizzard's logo over Hearthstone's artwork for the Witchwood expansion

Blizzard, or should we say Team 5, have announced that Hearthstone's upcoming update will be nerfing at least five cards. We're not talking about anything radical - just a few mana cost bumps, although they're likely to be felt by many.

Hearthstone's next update is scheduled for 05 February 2019, when Cold Blood, Flametongue Totem, Equality, Hunter's Mark and Emerald Spellstone will all cost one mana more, except for Equality, which will go up from two to four mana.

Team 5 explained that basic and classic sets are intended to embody the mechanics of each Hearthstone class, but that some of these cards end up too "broadly effective", negatively impacting the game's balance in the process.

"When Basic and Classic cards become this ubiquitous, they take away some of the flexibility players have when building decks, ultimately stifling the diversity of decks we see when playing Hearthstone", the company wrote.

Team 5 once said that Hearthstone players regularly come up with strategies the company didn't even think of, which means we're likely to see quite a few more cheesy decks down the line. If only the team's preference for modest but surgical tweaks brushed off of Blizzard.

As you can see, majority of the cards to be nerfed are one and two-mana cards, with the only 5 mana exception being Emerald Spellstone. Novice Hearthstone players would do well to think about this for a moment, as it shows just how important those basic cards can be. 

What this means in practice is that many a deck will have to be tweaked to compensate for the changes, if not redesigned completely. After all, the added turn or two can mean the world of difference and it gets worse the higher up Hearthstone's ladder you go. 

Blizzard Five Hearthstone cards with new mana costs Hearthstone, new mana costs

If you've just hopped aboard Hearthstone's latest cheese-train, meaning if you bought any of the above cards already, you'll be able to disenchant them for full Arcane Dust value for two weeks, presumably starting from 05 February 2019.

You can find the official announcement on Hearthstone's website

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