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LoL esports: First quarterfinals matchup sees the last Western team out

Published: 02:25, 21 October 2022

League of Legends World Championship 2022 will quickly go down in history as one of the worst for the Western teams whose hopes were extinguished even quicker.

Western teams had a horrendous outing at League of Legends World Championship 2022 where almost all of them got eliminated before making any significant impact.

It all started with LEC's fourth seed failing to qualify even for the group stage, although it did mean another Western team, EG, would manage to do it at their expense.

However, the group stage saw all the teams outside of LCK and LPL eliminated, with Rogue being the sole exception to the rule.

Unfortunately for Europe's first seed, they didn't get far beyond that part of the tournament as LPL's first seed eliminated them in the first knockout round.

Some were still hoping Rogue had enough fight in them to at least inconvenience JDG but that was not meant to be as the Chinese team took a clean sweep in dominant performance across all three matches.

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If any highlights existed for the European side, it would be Larsen's standout performance as he fought tirelessly to keep his team in contention. Alternatively, one could find Malrang's stealth ops amusing, both during a team fight in top lane and a sneaky attempt at a dragon steal later on.

With this clean sweep done, only seven teams remain - four from LCK and three from LPL, testifying to the massive skill gap between these regions and the rest of the world.

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