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New World Developers, Amazon Game Studios, are looking for people for new MMO

Published: 09:49, 11 July 2022
New World
New World

New World had a stellar launch and pretty terrible dropoff afterwards but it looks like Amazon's sights are aimed at the next project rather than regaining the previous popularity.

New World updates have significantly slowed down, compared to what was coming in the few months after launch as the devs scrambled to salvage systems that were bugged, working somewhat different than intended or completely broken. While all of this was happening, they were putting out decently sized updates but all of this changed later on as development slowed down and it might have to do something with AGS' next MMO.

Namely, they are currently recruiting for the development of a new MMO, with the team being based out of Irvine, California. In the image snapped by BagginsTV, AGS are looking for a senior game systems designer to oversee things like progression, social and monetisation systems.

The recruitment post also notes this is an action MMO and given the combat system in New World, it could be considered to be in the same genre. That said, this could denote something along the lines of Diablo or Path of Exile and it's too early to draw conclusions since "action MMO" is a bit of a broad term these days.

One noteworthy thing about this project is that the MMO will be built in Unreal Engine rather than Amazon's Lumberyard which should, hopefully, mean fewer hiccups than what New World had in the early days

Amazon Games New World New World

The team apparently consists of veterans from New World development as well as those who worked on World of Warcraft and Destiny series.

While New World players might be worried this could spell the end of support for their game, keep in mind that this is an MMO and it can't be built overnight. It will take a few good years until we see this project in action, let alone get to play it.

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