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New World's EU trading post still down, AGS blames dupers

Published: 23:15, 27 November 2021
Amazon Game Studios
New World
New World

Amazon Game Studios found their mess with the trading post in New World very hard to clean up and eventually resorted to blaming the dupers for the feature's downtime.

Trading post has been down for several days in New World 's servers in Europe, resulting in a massive mess for all the players involved. For some, it is all the loot and crafted items they can't offload because they can't properly sell the vast amounts through player-to-player trade and for others, it's being unable to reap the trade taxes to keep the town features up.

Amazon Game Studios initially shut the trading post in Europe down due to their own mistake, after they showered players with gold, which happened due to a bungled attempt at compensation. Instead of the intended amounts, players received as much as 300,000-400,000 coin, resulting in a sudden influx of filthy rich individuals.

This unexpected inflation resulted in people buying up literally everything from the trading post on several servers, which obviously ruined the economy quicker than you could mine a boulder with an Orichalcum mining pick. AGS then announced they would roll the servers back and disable the TP so they could get the things back in order. The public market would remain closed for days and players started losing hope, while some started asking whether there would be some sort of dev-side compensation for the lost gains.

On November 28, 2021, distantefix from the Community Service team stated there is no confirmation on whether there would be any compensation and there is currently no ETA on the trading post.

While that statement alone is enough to rile up the already aggravated community, it is not the worst part of the response. In the same comment, distantefix blamed the trading post downtime on the "need to fix some issues regarding bad practices in the markets, such as the trading and transferring of illegally duplicated items".

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AGS previously announced they removed the vast majority of these items from circulation and it is clear to everyone that the current TP downtime is due to the devs' own mistake of showering players with more money than intended, so this deflection is not going to look good in the long run.

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