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New Spirit Blossom skins revealed for Cassiopeia, Kindred, Riven, and Ahri

Published: 17:40, 21 July 2020
Riot Games
League of Legends  champions Ahri and Riven splash arts
Spirit Blossom: Ahri and Riven already have their skins, now it's time for another mage and sword-user combo

After the four skins they showed us two weeks ago, Riot Games revealed a set of four new Spirit Blossom skins for Cassiopeia, Riven, Ahri, and Kindred. All four are expected to join the live servers on patch 10.16.

Even though they don't give any advantages in terms of stats or sheer in-game power, skins are probably one of the favourite features for the majority of the League of Legends community.

The ongoing Spirit Blossom event is certainly one of the biggest ones we have ever seen in League. So far it includes eight brand new skins with two new champions on top, one of which is one of the most anticipated lore characters - Yone , Yasuo's older brother.

The official League of Legends Twitter account has revealed the newest additions to the Spirit Blossom skin line. Riot Games previously hinted on some of the new skins in their recent champion teaser - The Path, An Ionian Myth.

The new Ahri skin looks absolutely gorgeous and it will surely become one of her most popular skins in the game. When she dashes with her ultimate, she turns into a fox, the one we saw in The Path.

Spirit Blossom Cassiopeia has a much darker theme with her Twin Fangs (E) being black with an interesting purple aura.

After more than four years, Kindred will finally get a new skin, and it's a big one. The wolf will be much more noticeable with the white theme as it won't get lost in the heat of the action.

Riot Games League of Legends champions Cassiopeia and Kindred splash art Spirit Blossom: Cassiopeia and Kindred

Similar to Cassio, the new Riven skin will have a much darker theme than expected. Once she activates her ultimate, the giant sword seemingly becomes demon-possessed which is something Riven players haven't encountered before.

The four new skins are expected to go live on patch 10.16 which is scheduled for August 5.

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