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Another Superman: World's Finest leak has appeared

Published: 19:12, 28 November 2018
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picture showing superman in injustice 2
Superman in Injustice 2

Superman: World's Finest listing has appeared on Game System Requirements website which is another leak for Rocksteady Studios' unannounced project. The listing confirms earlier promo material leak which hit the web before E3 2018.

Rocksteady Studios have been silent for more than two years and it looks like they could break that silence with the announcement of their new project which could be just around the corner. The third leak for Superman: World's Finest has surfaced on website named Game System Requirements which listed the game under Action-Adventure genre and with Rocksteady as the developer.

ResetEra member est1992 posted the link for Superman: World's Finest page saying that the website has been spot on when Devil May Cry 5 listing appeared one month ahead of the official E3 2018 reveal. Judging by that, Superman listing looks to be solid and we wonder if Rocksteady will announce the game on the upcoming Games Awards Show on 7 December 2018.

The first leak appeared in May 2018 after anonymous 4chan user revealed a detailed list of information about the game claiming that the reveal will come before E3 2018. Well, that obviously did not happen but instead, we got another promo poster leak which revealed the title Superman: World's Finest.

Back in September 2017, Rocksteady's marketing manager tweeted that even though the studio will not talk about the future project, people will lose their minds when they reveal it. It's a pretty bold claim and something big is surely cooking in Rocksteady Studios since their last big game was Batman: Arkham Knight back in 2015. 

World's Finest is a comic series which featured Batman and Robin in almost every release. It was also a three-part episode in Superman: The Animated Series in which Joker offers to kill Superman for Lex Luthor. These are strong indicators that Batman and Joker could make their appearances in the new Superman game.

4chan picture showing leaked Superman poster Superman E3 2018 leaked poster

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