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Rumour: New Batman game is a reboot, coming during Autumn 2020

Published: 08:30, 05 February 2020
Batman: Arkham Asylum
Batman: Arkham Asylum

A new report claims that WB Games Montreal's next Batman title is a soft reboot of the series, intended to start one connected DC Games universe. It is coming sometime in Autumn 2020.

New Batman game has been subject of many leaks and rumours in the last couple of months. From the reveal date to gameplay details, the rumours were surfacing all over the internet but in the end, the majority of them turned out to be false. 

Today, we have a new report, claiming that new Batman game from WB Games Montreal is a soft reboot of the critically acclaimed Batman: Arkham series. As reports, the new Batman game will start one connected DC Games Universe and shortly after the games' release, which is set for Autumn 2020, a next-gen DC game from Rocksteady Studios will follow. 

On top of this, the report claims a next-gen Superman game is also in the works at Warner Bros. but Rocksteady are not working on the project. 

Now, if the report is true, then it would not be surprising to see an official reveal at E3 2020, especially since WB Games Montreal have been teasing their next game with several, mysterious images. We know from earlier rumours that the next Batman game would tell the story of Court of Owls and the devs' teasers certainly align with that.

As for other story and gameplay details, well, these are apparently kept tightly under wraps but the game will feature a playable Batfamily and co-op.

However, until we get an official confirmation, take the report with a grain of salt, since it would not be the first time that Batman rumours turn out to be totally bogus.

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