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Lion and Capitao reworked in the latest Rainbow Six Siege patch

Published: 16:52, 20 March 2019
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Rainbow Six Siege

Ubisoft have released another update for Rainbow Six Siege. The patch is now live on the game's Test Server and it brings reworks to two attacking operators - Lion and Capitao, and introduces the new feature named Reversed Friendly Fire.

Earlier this week, Ubisoft announced new changes that are coming to Rainbow Six Siege test servers. Today - 20 March 2019, the patch has officially arrived to the game's test servers and along with the announced additions, there are a couple of extra changes to attacking operators Lion and Capitao.

Ubisoft have condensed the overall duration of Lion's ability by reducing the warning and the scanning phases. Instead of a total of 7 seconds, Lion's ability will only last 3.5 seconds which will significantly reduce the exposure time and the frustration caused by its long effect.

The devs also changed the scan outline for ping debuff which works similarly to Alibi's detection. This should reduce the usefulness of enemy detection, and more specifically, it consists in pinging the position of the detected player up to 3 times with 1 second between pings.

Ubisoft say that with this change, moving during a scan is now more of a viable option, giving defenders options to successfully counter Lion's detections. To add more balance to the detection ability, the number of uses has been increased to 3 and the ability cooldown has been reduced. 

Capitao's damage per tick has been nerfed from 19 to 12 while the size of the arrows' area of effect has been increased. The area will now take two seconds to reach its maximum size, allowing players to relocate prior to taking damage.

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The trajectory of Capitao's arrows will now begin to drop after 10 meters. According to Ubisoft, the change has been introduced to increase the amount of skill required to place his Asphyxiating Bolts, but also reduce the effectiveness of certain exploits that allowed attackers to spawn kill defenders.

In addition to these reworks, Ubisoft also introduced the new Reverse Friendly Fire system to tackle the game's toxicity and friendly fire problems. You can read more on that .

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