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Here are Fortnite: Leak Royale's upcoming outfits, gliders and pickaxe skins

Published: 07:12, 12 April 2018
Updated: 09:25, 15 April 2018
Spoof image that depicts the many leaks from Fortnite Battle Royale.
Fortnite Battle Royale leaking

There is a hint of irony when TwoEpicBuddies leak upcoming content from Epic Games' unstoppable force that is Fortnite. A screenshot with a variety of upcoming content has popped up today on their Twitter, complete with a cheeky taunt.

There is a new round of Fortnite Battle Royale leaks going around, this time a courtesy of TwoEpicBuddies' Twitter page. They have posted a screenshot with four new outfits, three skins for the pickaxe, three backpacks and four gliders that are not yet in the game. Their statement on the Twitter is a simple "All new Skins #Fortnite"

Considering that a was leaked in March and the game's were let out of the bag just yesterday, it may be high time to start calling these for what they are - early previews. With great popularity, come great numbers of data miners.

FortniteNews didn't let an opportunity to taunt Epic Games slip by them, as they pulled a cheeky advertising move on the game's official Twitter by telling people to ''Follow for more leaks''. This was met with mixed reception, as some players called them out for "stealing the leak" from TwoEpicBuddies. Apparently stealing leaks is now also a thing.

Considering the after the launch of the Raven outfit, it will be interesting to see how much of an impact these new additions will have. The upcoming outfits are a bit on the kooky side and may not be as cool looking as the Raven but it's not hard to imagine a fish that controls a human body having a certain otherworldly appeal.

These skins do not have a confirmed release date but it is evident that they will not come before the v3.5 update's newfound issues are resolved. Probably the most prominent issue is the one with Guided Missile launcher which has been temporarily removed from the game until Epic Games fix the animation glitch that is plaguing the weapon.

As seen in the tweet, there is no ETA on the fix but Epic will notify the players as soon as possible.

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